The World: In Progress
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ThinkBIG in Ecuador

Training tomorrow's technicians and leaders

The world is facing an alarming shortage of skilled technicians to handle the explosive growth in infrastructure development. So Caterpillar and its dealers took matters into their own hands and created ThinkBIG, a 2-year technician-training program that not only strengthens the workforce but changes the lives of students in developing countries like Ecuador.

The Story of Carlos Arias

This ThinkBIG graduate made a decision that would change his life.

Faced with a life-changing decision, Carlos decided not to join his parents in Spain, but to stay in Guayaquil, seizing the invaluable opportunity to join ThinkBIG. His decision has paid off with a coveted career and a bright new future.

The Story of Arturo Argüello

His new career allows Arturo to give back to his family.

As a bright, hard-working student in high school, Arturo earned a scholarship that enabled his path to graduation from ThinkBIG. Now, Arturo’s employment exceeds even his expectations and allows him to help his family.

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Methane Gas Conversion

Transforming methane from gas into clean energy

China depends heavily on coal as an energy source to fuel its growing economy. At three mines in China’s Shanxi province, the Chinese government is using 91 Caterpillar generator sets to turn methane, a natural byproduct of coal mining, into clean energy for thousands of people.

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Madagascar's Route Nationale 6

Connecting a once-isolated people

For years, the northern area of Madagascar had no navigable roads extending southward, leaving 320,000 people in the island’s northern tip cut off from the rest of the country. With the help of Caterpillar dealer Henri Fraise, a major highway was finally constructed—Route Nationale 6—connecting this once-isolated people with opportunities for jobs, education and medical care.

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Taking the fiction out of science fiction

The question of sustaining life on the moon has fascinated scientists since the first landing in 1969. But developing a lunar infrastructure requires everything from building landing and launching pads, to roads and water systems. Together, Caterpillar and NASA are developing technologies intended to make living on the moon a real possibility.

The Perfect Partnership

Caterpillar and NASA engineers describe their opportunity to work together and share technology and expertise. One is an expert in infrastructure, the other, an expert in robotics. Together, Caterpillar and NASA are on their way to making history—co-developing the first remote-controlled vehicle that could be used to help build roads and habitats on the moon.

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Mining and Remanufacturing

Balancing the global demand for natural resources with a dedication to conservation

From respect for the earth to rebirth

Infrastructure and energy development will always place a high demand on the earth’s natural resources. To balance this global reality, while reducing its environmental impact, Caterpillar uses unique technologies to make mining more sustainable and remanufactures more than any company in the world, conserving natural resources and energy.

Orchestrating a Mine

See how innovative technology is changing the mining industry.

With hundreds of machines working simultaneously, Caterpillar’s MineStar® Fleet Commander Technology is helping choreograph and manage the incredibly complex mining operation. The result? Greater efficiency and more sustainable solutions for extracting the earth's precious resources.

The Magic of Reman

Follow the reman process as worn-out engine parts are brought back to life.

Go inside the Caterpillar remanufacturing facility in Shrewsbury, England to see step-by-step how old, worn-out products are given a new life.

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The Great Rivers Partnership

Working with The Nature Conservancy to protect and restore the world’s great rivers

Protecting the World’s Largest River Systems

The Great Rivers Partnership, a joint collaboration between Caterpillar and The Nature Conservancy, is deeply involved in protecting the world’s largest and most imperiled freshwater river systems—from the Mississippi in the United States to the Yangtze in China, to the Paraguay-Paraná river system in Brazil.

Mississippi River

More than 30 million people call the Mississippi watershed home.

Partnering to Protect the Mississippi River

The Partnership is purchasing land that will reconnect vital flood plains with the river—helping to protect the Mississippi while reversing the increasing ecological damage to the river. To gain public awareness and support, The Partnership is educating communities on the economic and ecological impact of the Mississippi River and its agricultural watersheds.

Yangtze River

As the third longest river in the world, the Yangtze touches 186 cities throughout China.

Helping to Preserve China’s Yangtze River

As the water quality of the Yangtze River drops and the Chinese population grows, the shortage of fresh water in China steadily intensifies. The Partnership is responding by providing the Chinese Government with Geographic Information Systems technology to create a blueprint of the Yangtze. This technology identifies the areas most vital to preserving the river.


The Paraguay-Paraná watershed covers more than an eighth of South America.

Preserving a Critical South American River System

To help alleviate heavy sedimentation in the river system, the Brazilian government is reinstating a law mandating landowners set aside 20 percent of their land for preservation. The Partnership is helping by supplying affordable GPS technology to accurately survey the land—enabling landowners to follow the law and the government to monitor its enforcement. To date, nearly two-million acres have been preserved.

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